BARBA Bespoke Royal Oxford BD shirt

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ONOFF兼用で着用して頂けるBARBAで別注したRoyal Oxford BD shirtになります。

BD shirts that can be worn from casual to suit style have arrived from the shirt brand “BARBA” that will be developed from this season.
BARBA was established in Naples in 1964, and shirt making such as cutting and hand work is highly evaluated, and it becomes a brand that is comparable to “Fry” and “Luigi Borrelli”.
We selected the fabric from BARBA and ordered a piece that can be worn casually and also play an active role in the business scene.
The fabric is a sax blue royal oxford with an elegant sheen and smooth texture.
The collar is a basic BD, but a little longer for an elegant look.
In addition, the shirt is handmade in four places, and “buttoning, gusset, sleeve attachment, and sword bow” are all carefully done by hand by craftsmen.
The silhouette is slightly shaped at the waist, and I think it fits very well and looks stylish even when the shirt is tucked in.
The armholes are not that large, so I think there is no worry about being bulky inside even if you wear a jacket from the top, etc., and the sleeve attachment is also movable with swinging sleeves in the front, so there is no feeling of being tight.
The buttons used are 4mm thick white butterfly shell buttons, so they are easy to button and have an elegant glossy feel.
Although it looks like an elegant shirt, it can be worn casually if you wash it and press it with an iron, and it can be worn for business.
This Royal Oxford BD shirt is specially ordered by BARBA and can be worn for work.

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38:身幅 52cm 着丈 77cm 肩幅 45cm 袖丈 64.5cm 首周り 38.5cm
39:身幅 54cm 着丈 78cm 肩幅 46cm 袖丈 65cm 首周り 39.5cm
40:身幅 56cm 着丈 79cm 肩幅 47cm 袖丈 66cm 首周り 40.5cm
41:身幅 58cm 着丈 80cm 肩幅 48cm 袖丈 67cm 首周り 41.5cm
42:身幅 60cm 着丈 82cm 肩幅 49cm 袖丈 68cm 首周り 42.5cm

38:Chest 20.4inch Center back length 30.3inch Shoulder width 17.7inch Sleeve length 25.3inch Around the neck 15.1inch
39:Chest 21.2inch Center back length 30.7inch Shoulder width 18.1inch Sleeve length 25.5inch Around the neck 15.5inch
40:Chest 22.0inch Center back length 31.1inch Shoulder width 18.5inch Sleeve length 25.9inch Around the neck 15.9inch
41:Chest 22.8inch Center back length 31.4inch Shoulder width 18.8inch Sleeve length 26.3inch Around the neck 16.3inch
42:Chest 23.6inch Center back length 32.2inch Shoulder width 19.2inch Sleeve length 26.7inch Around the neck 16.7inch

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Made in Italy

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