INCOTEX Slacks Bespoke Cotton Linen Mini Herringbone Trousers

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Slim Fitになります。
シワ感を楽しんで頂けて春夏らしいINCOTEX SlacksのCotton Linen Mini Herringbone Trousersです。

Slacks, INCOTEX's casual line, has just received pants perfect for this spring and summer.
The material is a mini herringbone fabric made of 79% cotton, 20% linen, and 1% polyurethane, and you can enjoy the beautiful color of cotton and the unique luster and wrinkle of linen.
The polyurethane makes it difficult for the fabric to collapse and keep its beautiful shape.
The details are also designed to make the waist area look slimmer with diagonal pockets and a V-shaped slit at the back of the waist, so you can feel a stable fit when you sit down or tuck in your shirt with the long mar belt attached inside the waist. The inside of the waist is fitted with a long mar belt to prevent the shirt from escaping when tucked in.
The INCOTEX embroidery is on the left hip pocket.
The size is a slim fit with a beautiful taper from the knees down.
It can be worn casually with a BD shirt and knitwear, or as a jacket style, making it a versatile piece.
These INCOTEX Slacks Cotton Linen MiniHerringbone Trousers have a wrinkled look and are very spring/summery.

INCOTEX Slacks Bespoke Cotton Linen Mini Herringbone Trousers Blog
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28W:ウエスト 37.5cm ヒップ 47cm ワタリ幅 28cm 股下 81.5cm 裾口 16.5cm
29W:ウエスト 38cm ヒップ 48cm ワタリ幅 29.5cm 股下 82cm 裾口 17cm
30W:ウエスト 40 cm ヒップ 49cm ワタリ幅 30.5cm 股下83cm 裾口 17cm
31W:ウエスト 41.5cm ヒップ 50cm ワタリ幅 31cm 股下 84cm 裾口 17.5cm
32W:ウエスト 42.5cm ヒップ 51.5cm ワタリ幅 32cm 股下 85cm 裾口 17.5cm
33W:ウエスト 43.5cm ヒップ 53cm ワタリ幅 32.5cm 股下 86.5cm 裾口 18cm

The products are washed, so there may be slight individual differences.
28w:Waist 14.7inch Hip 18.5inch Thigh 11.0inch Inseam 32.0inch Leg opening 6.4inch
29w:Waist 14.9inch Hip 18.8inch Thigh 11.6inch Inseam 32.2inch Leg opening 6.6inch
30w:Waist 15.7inch Hip 19.2inch Thigh 12.0inch Inseam 32.6inch Leg opening 6.6inch
31w:Waist 16.3inch Hip 19.6inch Thigh 12.2inch Inseam 33.0inch Leg opening 6.8inch
32w:Waist 16.7inch Hip 20.2inch Thigh 12.5inch Inseam 33.4inch Leg opening 6.8inch
33w:Waist 17.1inch Hip 20.8inch Thigh 12.7inch Inseam 34.0inch Leg opening 7.0inch

Cotton 79%
Linen 20%
Polyurethane 1%

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