INCOTEX Bespoke Paper Cotton Trousers

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INCOTEXから真夏に穿いて頂いても物凄く涼しいPaper Cotton Trousersの登場です。
Paper Cotton Trousersになります。

INCOTEX is pleased to introduce Paper Cotton Trousers, which are extremely cool even when worn in midsummer.
We have been offering these trousers at Boys several times, and every year we get a lot of requests for them, so we ordered them again this time.
We have ordered them again this time.
As the name suggests, the fabric is as thin as paper, and the 3% polyurethane makes it stretchy and very easy to wear.
The color is a basic charcoal gray, making it one that is easy to match with anything.
The shape is also a basic INCOTEX shape, No. 30, with a clean silhouette and a beautiful taper from the knees down, making it a superb item.
The back portion of the waist also has a V-shaped slit, and the butt pockets are
It becomes the specification that there is no button attached and is a clean specification in the ball edge specification of the width of 2mm.
It can be worn casually with a T-shirt and a flannel shirt, or with a 70505.
They can also be worn with jackets, so they are Paper Cotton Trousers that can be worn both on and off the job.

INCOTEX Bespoke Paper Cotton Trousers Blog
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42:ウエスト 72cm ワタリ 29cm 股下 90cm 裾幅 17.8cm
44:ウエスト 75cm ワタリ 30cm 股下 90cm 裾幅 17.8cm
46:ウエスト 78cm ワタリ 31cm 股下 90.5cm裾幅 18cm
48:ウエスト 82cm ワタリ 32cm 股下 93cm 裾幅 18.1cm
50:ウエスト 85cm ワタリ 32cm 股下 93cm 裾幅 18.5cm

42:Waist 28.3inch Thigh 11.4inch Inseam 35.4inch Leg opening 7.0inch
44:Waist 29.5inch Thigh 11.8inch Inseam 35.4inch Leg opening 7.0inch
46:Waist 30.7inch Thigh 12.2inch Inseam 35.6inch Leg opening 7.08inch
48:Waist 32.2inch Thigh 12.5inch Inseam 36.6inch Leg opening 7.1inch
50:Waist 33.4inch Thigh 22.4inch Inseam 35.4inch Leg opening 7.2inch

Cotton 97%
polyurethane 3%

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