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West Point Blazerが入荷して参りました。
ウエポンの由来もUSMA がニューヨーク州にあるオレンジ群ウエストポイントに
D.C.WHITEのWest Point Blazerになります。

D.C.White is pleased to announce the arrival of the West Point Blazer.
The fabric is made from scratch with warp 36 thread and weft 25 thread as per the standard for weapon fabrics
and is woven with high density using fine twin combed yarns to create a fabric with a high quality luster and bounce.
The origin of “Weapon” is also derived from the fact that the USMA is located in West Point, Orange County, New York
and adopted “Weapon” fabric for its uniforms.
The Weapon fabric is of a higher quality than the general chino fabric, and this is one garment that uses that material.
The color navy is a deep dark navy, and the fabric is woven in a high-density weave, so it has an elegant glossy hue
and it has been tried and tested so that it does not turn reddish as it ages.
The sleeves are lined for easy sliding and the backless specification so that it can be worn all year round.
The breast pockets are made of bulka and the waist pockets are made of patch and flap so that the pockets do not become too casual
and the 3-button collar can be worn for both casual and business wear.
The most important parts are the shoulders and sleeves.
The sleeves are made to fit Japanese people with a three-dimensional modern style, and the sleeves are made to have a front
swinging sleeve to fit Japanese people.
It can be worn casually with short-sleeved sweatshirts such as T-shirts and polo shirts, and it can also be worn with a BD shirt
and tie for business occasions.
As the blazer is worn, the luster will gradually fade away, giving it the whitish-brown look characteristic of cotton
and the gold buttons will tarnish, giving the blazer even more depth.
It looks like a simple blazer, but when you wear it, it will be very easy to wear and D.C.WHITE's West Point Blazer is full of attention.

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42:バスト 102cm 肩幅 43cm 着丈 70cm 袖丈 59m
44:バスト 106cm 肩幅 44cm 着丈 71cm 袖丈 60cm
46:バスト 110cm 肩幅 45cm 着丈 72cm 袖丈 61cm
48:バスト 114cm 肩幅 46cm 着丈 73cm 袖丈 62cm
50:バスト 118cm 肩幅 47cm 着丈 74cm 袖丈 63cm
52:バスト 122cm 肩幅 48cm 着丈 75cm 袖丈 64cm

42:Bust 40.1inch Shoulder width 16.9inch Center back length 27.5inch Sleeve length 23.2inch
44:Bust 41.7inch Shoulder width 17.3inch Center back length 27.9inch Sleeve length 23.6inch
46:Bust 43.3inch Shoulder width 17.7inch Center back length 28.3inch Sleeve length 24.0inch
48:Bust 44.8inch Shoulder width 18.1inch Center back length 28.7inch Sleeve length 24.4inch
50:Bust 46.4inch Shoulder width 18.5inch Center back length 29.1inch Sleeve length 24.8inch
52:Bust 48.0inch Shoulder width 18.8inch Center back length 29.5inch Sleeve length 25.1inch

Outer material:Cotton 100%
lining:Polyester 65% Cotton 35%

Country of origin
Made in Japan

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